Reactive Dyes are the most versatile and popular class of Organic Dyes for importing color on cellulosic fibers. As the name suggests, these dyes chemically react with cellulose to form a covalent bond between dye molecule and cellulose. The salient features of Reactive Dyes are
– their brilliant shades
– ease of application
– overall good fastness properties
– economy

The popularity of Reactive dyes with textile processors is due to its versatility in application by various dyeing methods such as exhaust dyeing, semi-continuous and continuous dyeing as well as various printing methods by direct printing, resist printing, discharge printing and very recently by inkjet printing.

KIL offers a wide range of Reactive dyes as listed below to practically meet most of the requirements of cotton textile processors.

  • Kiraol VS dyes
  • Kirazol KR/KX dyes
  • Kirazol S &W dyes
  • Kiractive ME dyes
  • Kiractive ED dyes
  • Kiractive HE dyes
  • Kiractive CN dyes
  • Kiractive P dyes


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