Disclouser of Material

Date File Disclosure of Material events
29-06-2015 adobe_pdf_icon Court Case
05-12-2015 adobe_pdf_icon Details of KMP
29-03-2016 adobe_pdf_icon Regulation 30 – Updates on FCCBs
08-04-2016 adobe_pdf_icon Allotment
01-09-2016 adobe_pdf_icon Annoucement Court Case
01-09-2016 adobe_pdf_icon Court Case
29-09-2016 adobe_pdf_icon Regulation30(AGM)
04-10-2016 adobe_pdf_icon Allotment of Warrants
04-01-2017 adobe_pdf_icon Kiri Clarification
15-09-2017 adobe_pdf_icon Kiri Clarification Letter
29-09-2017 adobe_pdf_icon Reg.30_Proceeding of AGM_29.09.2017
22-01-2018 adobe_pdf_icon Reg30_Court case
08-03-2018 adobe_pdf_icon Corrporate Announcement
02-04-2018 adobe_pdf_icon Outcome_Allotment
03-07-2018 adobe_pdf_icon Court Case
27-07-2018 adobe_pdf_icon Court Case
02-08-2018 adobe_pdf_icon Regulation(30) SICC Update
16-08-2018 adobe_pdf_icon Updates on Court Case
30-08-2018 adobe_pdf_icon AGM Notice
01-09-2018 adobe_pdf_icon Stay Application
14-09-2018 adobe_pdf_icon Updates on Court Case
27-09-2018 adobe_pdf_icon Reg.30_Proceeding of AGM_27.09.2018
08-01-2019 adobe_pdf_icon Updates on Court Case
20-02-2019 adobe_pdf_icon Clarifification on Court Case
15-03-2019 adobe_pdf_icon Updates of court case
09-04-2019 adobe_pdf_icon Updates of court case
29-05-2019 adobe_pdf_icon Updates of court case
10-06-2019 adobe_pdf_icon Updates of court case
27-09-2019 adobe_pdf_icon Reg.30_Proceeding of AGM_27.09.2019
12-02-2020 adobe_pdf_icon Updates of Court Case_12022020
03-03-2020 adobe_pdf_icon Updates of Court Case_03032020
25-03-2020 adobe_pdf_icon Closer Of Office
27-04-2020 adobe_pdf_icon Resumption
21-07-2020 adobe_pdf_icon Temporary closure of Dyes Intermediate facility
28-08-2020 adobe_pdf_icon Advance Notice of AGM

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